Rodger Penzabene
Executive Committee

Chairman & CEO

Rodger Penzabene, Jr. is the Chairman & CEO of the Highland Park Chamber of Commerce (“HPCC”).  He founded the HPCC in May 2016 after identifying a void of available business support and advocacy service entities in Highland Park.  Following his vision and after conducting research regarding the business needs in Highland Park, he began soliciting business, political, and community leaders to join the Board of Directors.  By early 2017, Rodger had gathered the right team to serve on the Board, created an Advisory Board, and an Ex Officio Board.  In March 2017, the Board began to meet and by the summer of 2017, Rodger was able to identify a building to serve as the HPCC’s headquarters, as well as broker a deal to have that building donated to the HPCC.  It is his vision the HPCC will be the one-stop business support and advocacy shop for existing and future businesses in Highland Park.  

Rodger is also the founder and owner of American Standard Property Management & Services, LLC.  He is honored to also serve as an Executive Vice Chair and as a Precinct Delegate for the 14th Congressional District Democratic Party; Americanism Director and Public Relations Officer for the American Legion, Naomi Bell Post #70; and a member of several other fraternal and civic organizations.  He is also an Honorably Discharged Veteran.  

Rodger is the son of legendary Motown Writer, Rodger Penzabene, and Golden World Records Writer and Recording Artist, Helga Penzabene.  He is the father of four wonderful children and one grandson.  Rodger is a lifelong resident of the Detroit metropolitan area, who grew up in the Boston Edison historic district of Detroit.

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